Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Grim North Awaits

It is the Age of Samhain: The countless black spires of Nox Aeterna,
City of Eternal Night, rest upon the crypts of a thousand forgotten 
civilisations. Insane patricians, bizarre cults and shadowy, 
eldritch forces all vie for power. Outside the walls barbaric tribes
war constantly with each other and the unforgiving winter. In dark, 
cobwebbed forests and haunted ruins stalk malign beasts who want you
dead, and hordes of weird goblins steeped in slaughter and madness. 

Fighters, Clerics, Magic Users and Thieves required. This is old
school D&D,where great dangers yield great rewards and a glorious
death or an ignominious demise, penniless, bleeding out on the snow.

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