Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Need Meatshields? Roll d20.

Who's in at the House of Sellspears, Mercenaries and Blades for Hire: 

1 Rolv, the spear slayer, ringmail. Spear. Javelin. Also known as Centipede Bane following his last hiring but he's trying to keep that one quiet.

2 Martina, the laconic scout, she doesn't talk much. Leather, bow, shorts word, dagger.

3 Voltag the Rotund, an axeman and big eater. Battleaxe, chainmail.

4 Devian, the Quarterstaff. He has one, he looks like one. Leather armour. 

5 Oric of the deer hook knives, ringmail, deer hook knives (1d4+1). Tells long winded and extremely dull stories.

6 Asha the tall, Greatswordswoman, she is a ladette, ring mail.

7 Nimble Jim, scout and bowman, he has very long fingers. Leather, bow, hand axe.

8 Marius, the Latin duellist, wears chain. Sword. Hot tempered. 

9 Kadua, the Unwashed. She has a flail but when she swings it she kicks up. Filthy hide armour. Unpopular. 

10 Beric the Undeniably Old, has very thin sword from years of sharpening, chain mail.

11 Egrin, the posh mercenary slumming it with the adventurers. Plate. Sword and shield.

12 Big Pete, he's little. Classic mercenary humour. Has small man syndrome. Longsword. Chain.

13 Lott the Humble, he isn't. Ringmail. Spear.

14 Sadie the "shoot it with my crossbow" solution. Ringmail. Hand axe.

15 Basil the Quixotic Ninja. Leather, nunchucks, shuriken, delusions.

16 Zen, the knife thrower. Looks sharp, has lots of knives. Leather armour. And a really big knife, short sword sized.

17 Trent the ridiculously heavily armed. Tackleberry. Chainmail. Halberd. Sword. Shield. Battle axe. Crossbow, heavy (naturally.)

18 Ekred the sarcastic. A mace, great, that's really useful. Ringmail, because chain would be too much protection.

19 Yuli the overenthusiastic, club and shield. Exuberance.

20 Gunnar the Bearskin, axe and sword 10hp, no armour.

The spares, substitute as appropriate following the inevitable demise of any of the above.

Camp Al he has a rapier and wears leather at all times.

Veena, the cup. She's always drunk. Perhaps a flail is not the best choice of weapon in the circumstances. Ringmail.

Ill Phil, he has many ailments. He also has a mace and shield and leather armour.

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