Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Random Trans Dimensional Relocation By d20

A table I came up with for my post magical apocalypse setting (which really needs a name. I can't keep typing that...)

In some peculiar locations the fabric of reality is threadbare.

You have pierced the veil, where do you end up? Roll d20 please...

1 Outside Time. The House of Chronos sits amidst Hellenic ruins. Chances are (75%) he isn't in. Woe betide you if he is.

2 The Desolate Hell. A vast rocky plane, littered with sharp rocks and strange, sulphurous pools. Birds circle overhead. They are birds, right?

3 A Dream Dimension. Not subject to the laws of nature. Strange occurrences are normal. 2 in 6 chance it is one of the PC's dreams in which case they can alter its reality, unconsciously as a matter of course. Consciously, if they roll 1 on d6. If it's not the parties dream then at some point they will encounter the Dreamer....

4 Some form of Elemental Plane. Roll d4 for Fire, Water, Earth or Air.

5 The Fiery Hell. Hot. Devils torturing souls. Industry. Nasty.

6 The Grim North.

7 The Isle of Dread.

8 The land of the anthropomorphic animals and a lamp post. There's a war on... The Jaguar King faces off against the Veiled Lady.

9 The Slumbering Ursine Dunes.

10 Mongo. Seriously. Evil Emperor (let's call him Krang;) his rebellious daughter Ora; Golden faced Lich lieutenant Klyvus,; Hawk men; Arborea; the works. It's called something else though.

11 The Demonic Hell. Demons. Dark, foreboding castles full of demons. Foul bat winged creatures haunt the sky. More demons.

12 The Beautiful City. It is an idyllic paradise of sweeping terraces and multi levelled gardens. The drinking of ambrosia makes everything fantastic and everyone wonderful. It's not and they're all vampires.

13 The Harlequin Forest. It's weird. The trees are thick, and sentient and they scheme. There are creatures lurking in shadowy glades. Somewhere, the Harlequin frolics and feasts. You may or may not be invited. You'll probably never get away.

14 The Flooded Shore. Shark men! Squid beings! Mer women!

15 The Hotel California/That place from the Shining/Paradise Towers. It's a hotel. It's haunted in some way. I would not disturb the water of the swimming pool if I were you.

16 The Trickster's Hall. It's a massive long hall built to gigantic proportions. Outside, the howls of the giant wolf demon can be heard as he scratches at the door.

17 The Red and Pleasant Land.

18 Random LotFP adventure location. Roll d4 1 Better Than Any Man 2 Death Frost Doom 3 No Salvation for Witches 4 Tower of the Stargazer but probably 3. The ritual has begun, the clock is ticking...

19 The Great Starry Void, characters will float there for 2d12 hours until reality re asserts itself

20 The Realm of Chaos Itself.

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