Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Ten Knights for Dragon Warriors

 As my Dragon Warriors campaign is currently located half a world from Ellesland I thought I might share some of my old material in case it’s useful to other DW GMs. In any case I’m starting with this, a table on ten random knights you might meet in Northern Albion.

Ten Knights

1 Sir Readgar, mace and shield, black rose on a red field, zealous, sees heretics everywhere

2 Sir Rhaedbert, battle axe, red rose on a black field. Battle weary from the crusades, disillusioned, melancholy, thousand yard stare.

3 Sir Beornward, morning star and shield, white axe and sword on a green field. Devout, pious, dull. Very large. Montombre's man.

4 Sir Eodred, sword and shield, griffin rampant in gold on a green field. Dashing, brave, long curly hair. Has secret shame.

5 Sir Brictbald, greatsword, three stooping Hawks blue open a gold field.  Vicious, borderline robber knight.

6 Sir Caedfrith, warhammer, white lion head on an azure field. Tournament fighter, extremely strong, likes to drink fight and whore. Not a thinker.

7 Sir Eadwahl, sword, bow, two pike blue on a field of scarlet. Rough, country gentry, ancient line but poor. Fisherman knight. 

8 Sir Wilstan, axe and shield, black bear rampant on a field of argent. Gambler, owes money to merchants (including Earnwold) and others of low birth. Corrupt as a result. Raider. Sells slaves.

9 Sir Oslyn, spear, black boar's head of a white field. Proud, quick to anger, spoiling for a fight.

10 Sir Godward, mace, had a shield but constantly loses it. Three black crosses on a scarlet field. Drunk, friendly, not especially competent...


Don’t @ me about my descriptions of heraldry, if you want it done properly I cordially invite you to look elsewhere. 

I don’t tend to include stats in these sorts of things, I just eyeball the Stats for an Average Knight in the rulebook and decide what’s appropriate at the time.

In my campaign Sir Beornward was a feature for a while, as part of a rival group of adventurers in the service of Montombre. The PCs ripped off the others’ Holy Book heist before they could get there, and ended up in a confrontation with the group outside the small church in Igham. Churches seem to feature in a lot in this groups violent actions.

Art by @kekaikotaki on twitter 

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