Monday, 18 August 2014

Games I would like to play but probably never will


Not just a multicoloured elf

Love the setting, love the fourth edition rules. The character archetypes give a real flavour for the world, the mechanics are simple and effective. Every single resource printed for the game, across all editions, is available online for free here.

No elves. That solves the all elf party conundrum.

No humans either, although there are a LOT of races. That makes it a bit unrelatable for total novices.

There's a new version in the works too. Hope it takes off.


All Troll Slayer party anyone?

Everyone knows Warhammer. The grim, dark world descending into the inevitable grasp of Chaos and corruption. I have the second edition rules and the magic mechanics are so apt to the setting they may be the best ever. As much as I monkey around with things for my Swords and Wizardry game, I'd run this with tropes and cliches intact. Largely because they're done well and are therefore fun.

The setting is so richly developed with all the novels and so forth there is a lot of scope for different campaign styles, as long as you don't mind your characters retiring maimed, insane or mutated beyond all recognition. Or most likely all three.


Roll 3d6 in order? No chance.

I just love the idea you can apply it to any setting. I totally hate the Herculean labour that is character creation though.

I'm just messing with myself by even thinking like this. I'm struggling with players for a regular game of Swords and Wizardry as it is.

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