Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Future's Not Set. There is No Fate...

With the collapse of my white box group, caused my multiple cases of real life interference (damn you Real Life!) I have been spending all my game time thinking about games instead of actually playing them.

To remedy this I have decided to throw my energies into devising a series of one shot games that I can run over hangouts. Dependent of course on my ability to devise one shot adventures and my ability to figure out how to run a game over G+ hangouts.

I've never really done a one shot before as my games tend to be rather open ended, somewhat deliberately and also because I meander as a referee. This will be a good opportunity to tighten up my GMing game and write something that can be wrapped up in a couple of hours instead of spiralling into free form, unresolved chaos.

Also I want to use this as an opportunity to get some use out of the dusty tomes of games I own but either haven't played for a long time, such as Dragon Warriors (must be getting on for thirty years) and Marvel Superheroes; or have never run such as Warhammer FRP, Runequest, Talislanta, DCCRPG and D6 Star Wars. Although I did play Star Wars a fair bit in my youth, the others I have not.

First stop is Dragon Warriors. Then we'll see what happens.

Work continues on my Grim North setting but that probably needs its own post really.

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