Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Appendix N: Dragon Warriors, part four

The continuation of my Dragon Warriors inspirational media posts. I recommend starting at the beginning.

Black Death

This film, brought to my attention by Dave Morris blog, is referred to only partly tongue in cheek as the Dragon Warriors movie. It has a suitably dark and downbeat feel to it. Pagans in the fens, the ruthless and powerful church, the plague, masses of associated suspicion and superstition, dirt, grim battles and the walking spoiler Sean Bean stars so no one is expecting a happy ending here.

Some additional media of note:

Fictoplasm is generally a good listen regardless but the two episodes below relate directly to this blog series:

Lyonesse (Click here) with Dave Morris and Tim Harford

The Chronicles of Prydain (Click here) with Tim Harford

The Grognard Files, another recommended podcast, this time discussing..

Robin of Sherwood (Click this bit), with a promised part two to follow.

And of course saving the most relevant for the Dragon Warriors curious until last: Dave Morris’ blog posts with the label “Legend” (and click) Find here discussions of the nature of magic and of faeries, some play reports from his games, Legend scenarios and loads more great stuff.


  1. Cheers for mentioning Fictoplasm.

    Good media recommendations here, especially the Suzannah Clarke and Robin of Sherwood. The Grognard Files episode was great

    I'm currently playing in one of Tim's Legend games as it happens, although he's always used GURPS. He's just been watching (my copy of) Robin of Sherwood with his youngest -- I know that series is a big influence on his presentation of Legend


  2. I can see why GURPS would work well, too fiddly for me at the moment though. We play exclusively over hangouts and I find simpler rules sets work best for that environment. Hence we’ve stuck with the original Dragon Warriors rules for our Legend campaign.