Monday, 31 August 2020

Ten Priests for Dragon Warriors

 So, following on from the ten random knights, I give you ten random priests. Except there’s really eleven, after I used one to fill a quick post in game and then added a replacement. Once again this is in the raw form I used in my own campaign.

Ten priests

1 Father Harald, tall, genial, long black hair, priest to ladies, not a monk...

"God does not deny joy"

2 Father Leopold, stern but non confrontational, keeps bees, brews mead, "fascinating creatures bees..." Tells bee parables, stretches it a bit

3 Father Rickon, blunt, black haired and bearded, "it is the will of God to suffer a fool, I am but a poor shadow of his grace" carries cudgel

4 Father Wulfric, willow thin, devoutly pacifist, sees the good in everyone even when their isn't any, trusts in God, forgiving of even the greatest sins

5 Father Osgar, brown hair, no beard, Tesshu like polymath, former knight, genuinely does not care if he lives or dies, faith is unshakeable, once took a beating from a Thulander thane to prove his faith was stronger than the man's hate, great calligrapher

6 Father Hrodgar, red faced, chubby, drinks, a lot, by turns incessantly cheerful and completely morose (now in Chapelfod's small monastery)

6a Father Llewin, cornumbrian, red hair, long drooping moustaches, great baritone, takes pity on small animals, 

7 Father Eardwulf, schemes, spies for the bishop, sees witches and heretics everywhere, secretly has them killed, renowned herbalist/clandestine poisoner,

8 Father Dunstan, tall, blonde, good looking bastard son of nobility, trained at arms but reluctant to fight, defender of the downtrodden, still has influence with his father

9 Father Cyneric, bookish, obsessed with the occult, knowledgeable but refuses to accept some things are better left alone (chapel at Saxton)

10 Father Aedelric, charming yet pure fucking evil in a cassock, sleeps with others wives, cruel to animals, revels in chaos for it's own sake and utterly self centred, although makes an outward show of piety......

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